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A cutting-edge communication platform

We strive to provide innovative and effective communication solutions to connect with audiences. The Chat app platform empowers individuals, businesses and institutions to launch targeted SMS campaigns, and provides the chance to have multiple phone numbers and assign different roles to members for the same number.


Features that make your work easier

Ready to take your communication to the next level? Discover how easy it is to connect with targeted audiences and achieve exceptional open rates.

Mass Texting

Mass Texting

Effortlessly deliver text messages to vast audiences, achieving your objectives with exceptional open rates.

Multiple Phone Numbers

Multiple Phone Numbers

Manage and use multiple phone numbers for your communication needs.

1:1 Messaging

1:1 Messaging

Chat privately with people you know to make it feel more personal.



Group and segment your contacts to communicate with them effectively by sending targeted personalized messages.

Why we love SMS for communication

Why we love SMS for communication

SMS boasts higher open rates than email, ensuring your messages make a real impact. Ready to elevate your communication?

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Solutions made for you

Ready to take your communication to the next level?

Discover how to reach to your fans, followers and customers easily and get more responses

Influencers & digital marketers

Campaign analytics

Run and track influencer campaign success in real-time with Toosa Chat App's analytics!

Efficient communication

Simplify communication with targeted groups of followers using Toosa Chat App's segmentation and group creation features.

Personalized marketing

Personalize and target SMS campaigns to specific audience segments with Toosa Chat App - perfect for influencer marketing


Business & enterprises

Sales & Marketing Campaigns

Toosa Chat App enables you to run effective SMS campaigns with high open rates.

Customer engagement

Enhance your customer experience with Toosa Chat App! Build personal connections by engaging in one-on-one conversations

Lead generation

Generate leads with Toosa Chat App! Filter, segment and group your contacts for better results.

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Effortlessly organize messages with smart cluster

Toosa smart cluster tool analyzes the responses to campaign messages, identifies patterns and similarities in answers and groups them accordingly. This helps to reduce redundancy and improve the efficiency by providing a streamlined view of similar responses.

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Get the best user experience with Toosa Chat App - it integrates and syncs with key platforms


Pricing & plans

Save up to 30% buying on the web

14 days free trial

Early bird



Per month, Billed monthly

Phone number essentials to boost your connections


Early bird plans include:

1 Phone number (per user)

200 SMS sent

5 Campaigns

Segmentation & filtering

Group messaging

Add-on Toosa AI

Add-on more phone numbers

Additional SMS ($0.05 per SMS)

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Per month, Billed monthly

Everything you need to connect with your audience


All from Early bird, plus:

600 SMS sent

10 Campaigns

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Per month, Billed monthly

Integrations and growth features for your business


All from Standard, plus:

1,500 SMS sent

Unlimited campaigns

Message scheduling

Coming soon

ActiveCampaign integration

Member insights

Coming soon

Zapier integration


AI responses

Coming soon

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Talk to sales

All the power of the platform to build strong connections with audiences

Talk to sales

All from Pro, plus:

5 Phone number (per user)

5,000 SMS sent

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Social Search Engine

Have you tried Toosa Social Search Engine yet?

Find relevant content quickly and easily with Toosa Social Search Engine! Index and analyze videos on social media platforms like YouTube to search for specific terms or phrases.

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